Top 10 Gaming Headphones

Headphones are originated from telephone receiver earpiece, which is the only way to listen to electrical audio signals before the introduction of amplifiers. In 1910, Nathaniel Baldwin develops the first and true headphones and he made them with his bare hand and sold them to the United States Navy. Those ancient headphones used moving iron drivers, with either balanced armatures or single-headed. Headphones are used by United States Navy until 1958 when John C. Koss from Milwaukee, an audiophile and a jazz musician come out with the first stereo headphones. As the world keeps developing, it comes with more innovation, therefore, headphones can be found in different ways and sizes as some come with a cord, some are cordless. The ones with a cord can be used with home theater, some are used by sound engineers, they can also be used in a disc jockey with a DJ mixer. The cordless on the other hand uses radio or infrared and can connect with Bluetooth and they are also used in events such as a Silent disco.

Thus, as we have headphones that are made specifically for mobile phones to listen to music, radio, or to make a call, likewise we have headphones that are specially made for gaming, and their difference lies in their sound experience and their designs. As musical headphones have a well-rounded listening experience, gaming headphones, on the other hand, bring a loud punchy sound base.

About the design, this 2020 brings about the best gaming headphones with the best captivating designs. Therefore, here are top gaming headphones that are designed with Blue LEDs

  1. SPORTSBOT SS301 is one of the best and stunning gaming headset it comes with over-ear headset headphones, keyboard, and mouse. Not only that, but the eye-catching gaming headset also has 40mm Speaker Driver, Multimedia keys, a high-quality microphone, 4DPI levels, and a window key lock. The blue led backlight and breathing light effect on both the keyboard and the mouse, and the 3 brightness setting helps to improve visibility in a dark room or where there is low-light condition.
  2. Dland is another eye-catching gaming headphone that brings more excitement to the gaming experience. The 3D headphone is made in such a way that it will suit the user with no hassle as it is made with soft leatherette earpads and an adjustable headband with the anti-collision headband and breathable ear cushions. The sound is one of the best things that distinguish this headset from others and the glaring led lights that are designed on the microphone and earcups bring more excitement to the game. The one key Mic mute makes it more convenient to use, and the headphone can be used on PS4, Laptop, Xbox 360, Smartphone and Xbox One.
  3. Envel headset has similar characteristics with Dland with his fantastic sound that makes it amazing, the led light that is made on the earcups and microphones. It also has volume control and one key mute with a 3.5mm connector that makes it suitable for PS4, Laptop, Xbox 360, Smartphone and Xbox One.
  4. Beexcellent is one of the excellent headphones that can make one get addicted to gaming as it has some distinctive features. One is its flexibility when it comes to noise cancellation boom mic this is taken into consideration because of the people who get irritated by the noise from the keyboard and other background sounds. This tool is so unique that it can differentiate between the player’s voice and the background voice.
  5. Nivana k7 gaming headset is also one of the amazing gaming headphones. It comes in three different colors such as blue, pink, and red with captivating marque design. It also has a dynamic colorful cool light that makes it look stunning when plugged to the computer. It has a decent sound and comfortable to wear, it can be used on a computer and Nintendo switch.
  6. BlueFire: hearing the name will bring the thought that it has a blue color, though, the major color is blue but it also has a white color around it. The headset has wide compatibility that can go with PS4, Laptop, Xbox 360, Smartphone and Xbox One. It produces a unique and clear sound on various games played through, and it also has the lights design on the earcup and microphone.
  7. Micolindun another beautiful innovation is the Micolindun headset that comes in two different colors which are blue and black. Like others, it also supports PS4, Laptop, Xbox 360, Smartphone and Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PSP, iPad, and Nintendo 3DS, it also has a unique sound and it is the first micolindum gaming headset that glows on both the front and the side of the ear cup.
  8. Version Tech G2000 is also one of the best gaming headsets that are compatible with multiple platforms such as PS4, Laptop, Xbox 360, Smartphone and Xbox One. Its sound effect that is equipped with 50mm makes the sense voice of directions, footstep and every detail to be clear and gives the best gaming experience.
  9. Riwbox: this one is a kid version and has a cat-ear like on it. The foldable Bluetooth headphone has a lighting theme and it is made up of music, lights, and a red, blue, and green light embedded in it which that can blink and changes color with the rhythm.
  10. The last on the list is the WSQIWNI that is also compatible with PS4, Laptop, Xbox 360, Smartphone and Xbox One, and any other device that features 3.5mm compatible jack. This headset can also make you get addicted to gaming with the color cube headset that can make you enjoy every bit of the moment with its dynamic features like playing games, listening to music, answering the phone, watching TV and many other features.

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