There are lots of forms of scooters one of the most used is a Kick scooter, which is a human-powered street vehicle. Kick scooters are very popular and personal transportation partly due to being more affordable, and for being easier to operate.


A kick scooter is a mode of transportation that involves standing on a skateboard-like deck, gripping the handlebars and swinging your leg in a kicking motion in order to properly go forward. Many people when they think of a scooter they think of children’s toys, but it's also for grown-ups too.


The history of the kick scooter is really interesting, Since kids have a great imagination that is uninhibited by doubt, they can create anything to keep themselves occupied with fun things. The first kick scooter was hand made by a kid, they got tired of riding roller skates, so by taking the roller skates wheels and attached them to a small plank of wood, they had 4 wheels. There are electric and gas-powered scooters.

They are manufactured for rental such as Lime e-scooters, which have no gears. The main difference between kick scooters and electric scooters is that kick scooters are human-powered and an electric scooter is plug-in electric vehicles with a rechargeable battery in it.

Kick scooters can be dangerous without proper safety, you should always wear a helmet as well as elbow and knee pads and wrist guards just so you don't get hurt. Most parents say the main reason for buying a kick scooter for their child is to build the child’s physical confidence and to develop motor skills, and most of all the additional option activity and exercise, and it's also a preparation for learning how to ride a bicycle. Adults use kick scooters when they go to work or need to go somewhere because when you are using a scooter you don't have to wait in traffic, it’s fun but you are exposed to the weather. Scooters were instrumental in the fight for women's rights.


The top 2 scooters that are most liked/ bought are Movnon Scooter and Albott pro scooter. The Movnon Stunt Scooter Trick Scooter for Beginners is the most liked. It is rated 9.6 out of 10, because of the fact it's easy to assemble, it has tough stunt made with durable alloy, lightweight and easy to carry, and most of all it has a cool design. The Albott pro scooter is for kids ages 8 and up, and you can do freestyle tricks with it so it means it is entry-level. It's rated 9.4 out of 10, the reason it has the rating it has is that the lightweight pro scooter, a lightweight scooter is easy to handle and maneuver for entry-level and beginner users, you get a 30-day refund and 2-year warranty, the scooter key parameters the height is 32in and it weighs 7lbs. Scooters are a great thing to use whether you're a kid or an adult, because it's a way to exercise. 


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